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Can treatments like FemiLift and MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser therapy really turn back time after childbirth or menopause?

More and more women are looking to take control of their bodies again after changes brought by childbirth and aging. But, there are a number of questions to address when considering vaginal laser therapy. Who might benefit from vaginal laser therapy? Which is the best treatment for you? And, how do you find a qualified practitioner?

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There’s no quick fix for Female Sexual Dysfunction, but plenty of options remain

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Considering pelvic organ prolapse surgery? Read this first

Pelvic support defects and organ prolapse are common conditions for women as they age, but many women don't talk about the sometimes embarrassing symptoms - not even with their doctors. They may not realize what their treatment options are and how they might benefit from seeing a specialist.

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Texas Urogynecology and Laser Surgery center announces new website

The Texas Urogynecology and Laser Surgery center is proud to announce the release of the center’s newly redesigned website, The new website serves as a portal for helpful patient information, including the latest research on gynecologic conditions and the most advanced robotic surgical treatment options

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Doctors share ways to improve treatment for incontinent patients at experts’ forum

Declaring that it’s time to replace adult diapers and social withdrawal with more liberating long-term options, a recent forum of the nation’s top surgeons looked at how to improve patient and physician education regarding more effective therapies for incontinence.

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Why women should care about the new board certification for urogynecologists

After years spent developing criteria for assessing quality care, the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Board of Urology in 2013 granted its first certifications in the specialty of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery to qualified urogynecologists.

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