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Essure is a method of permanent sterilization which can be performed in the office setting with no incisions or anesthesia in 15 minutes. The Essure procedure is one of the most significant and revolutionary medical breakthroughs of the decade!


The permanent surgical sterilization procedure has changed drastically over the last 30 years, and has consistently been on the cutting edge of surgical technology. Prior to the 1980’s the tubal ligation procedure was routinely performed through a small umbilical incision immediately following a vaginal delivery. However if sterilization was performed remotely from delivery, a large abdominal incision was required. In the 1980’s the development of safe and effective laparoscopic surgery allowed for the tubal ligation procedure to be done through a small umbilical incision regardless of the time elapsed since delivery.

The widespread use of laparoscopy for the tubal ligation procedure stimulated the adoption of minimally invasive surgery for many other Gynecologic and General Surgical procedures (example: Gallbladder removal, Appendectomy, Hysterectomy).  The tubal ligation is the first laparoscopic procedure to become Standard of Care in Gynecology.  Laparoscopic technology allowed the tubal ligation procedure to be completed through 2 small ¼ inch incision as an outpatient procedure with a 2-5 day recovery time.  However the procedure requires general anesthesia.

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In 2002 the introduction of the Essure hysteroscopic sterilization procedure radically changed the entire concept of surgical sterilization.  The transcervical approach allows the entire procedure to be performed with no incisions at all! The Tubal ligation procedure can now be performed in the office under local anesthesia.  The patient never sees the inside of the operating room, and doesn’t even set foot inside the hospital.  The entire procedure is conveniently performed right in Dr. Farnam’s office. The procedure is typically completed in 15 minutes (The average in-office time is 2 hours).  Listed below is a summary of the benefits of Essure compared to Laparoscopic tubal ligation:

After the office placement of the Essure coils, the PET fibers contained within the microinsert elicits a tissue response in the patient’s body.  During the 12 weeks following the procedure the uterine tube becomes completely occluded by the tissue in-growth around the microinsert.  The patient then must complete a Pelvic X-Ray Dye test (Hysterosalpingogram) to confirm complete bilateral tubal occlusion.  It is only after this 12 week post-operative X-Ray that the Essure Sterilization can be relied upon for contraception.  It is very important that the patient continue their current birth control method until after a successful confirmation test.

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