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Minimally Invasive Surgery is now a choice for virtually every woman who wants minimal scarring and fast recovery.

Traditional surgery is performed through a large incision on the abdominal wall which permits visualization of and access to internal organs. Minimally Invasive Surgery allows the surgeon to perform these same procedures with small incisions on the abdominal wall. A small camera and telescopic surgical instruments are passed through these incisions.  Some procedures are even done with no incision at all!   Women who have had minimally invasive surgery are able to enjoy a shorter hospital stay, shorter recovery time, quicker return to work, and minimal scarring.


Minimally Invasive Surgery vs. Traditional surgery:

  • Better cosmetic result- Less Scarring ( ¼ inch scars vs. 6-12 inch scar)  View Images and Details
  • Short hospital stay (4-23 hours vs. 3-4 days)
  • Shorter recovery and faster return to work (10-14 days vs. 6-8 weeks)
  • Minimal blood loss
  • Less tissue trauma
  • Less postoperative pain

Dr. Farnam's Surgical Experience

  • More than 2500 minimally invasive surgeries 
  • More than 1000 Laparoscopic Hysterectomy procedures 
  • More than 1000 robotic surgeries 
  • More than 300 major MIS and urogynecologic surgeries per year 
  • First Physician in Texas to Perform a Single Incision Laparascopic Hysterectomy
  • First Gynecologist in the United States to Perform a Single Incision Robotic Hysterectomy 
    One of the first five gynecologists in the nation selected to launch the Vespa Single Site Robotic Platform.

Dr. Farnam Robotic Hysterectomies vs Average

* Magrina. J. Separating the O from the G. AAGL 42nd Global Congress
**Intuitive surgical El Paso data 2013. Data on file

Dr. Farnam Robotic Hysterectomy Complication Rate

*Garry R. et al. The eVALuate study: two parallel randomised trails, one comparing laparoscopic with abdominal hysterectomy, the other comparing laparoscopic with vaginal hysterectomy. BMJ 2004; 328:129
**Texas Institute for Robotic Surgery surgical database 2011-2013.  Data on file

Dr Farnam Da Vinci Sacrocolpopexies vs Average

*Intuitive surgical El Paso data 2013. Data on file

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