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a fresh voice in women’s health. 

As a world leader in urogynecology & robotic laser surgery, Doctor Rich is passionate about transforming the world of women’s health. His videos are what you’re looking for if:
You’re a medical professional seeking to improve the quality of life of you and your patients through minimally invasive robotic surgery.

You’re a women seeking straightforward and honest health information from the compassionate, listening ear of a women’s health professional.
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"I was very interested in women’s health. After I met Doctor Rich, all of his patients had nothing but good things to say about him. He has little-to-zero complications! People come from out-of-town to get hysterectomies and whatever done with him that they need, so he’s just phenomenal. I got the opportunity to work with him as a research coordinator and just working with him, the things that we see on the screen and the robotic technology that he uses, it’s amazing. Doctor Rich's experience and knowledge is great!"
Darcie Camacho