The snarky, the weird, and the nasty: Doctor Rich reacts to mean comments

[Doctor Rich, laughing] How creepy, how creepy would it be to go to a strip mall for a vasectomy? 

Welcome back to the Doctor Rich channel! Today, we’re going to be reacting to mean things you’ve left in the comments section of my videos. I’m so nervous… I’m just not emotionally ready for this!

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Doctor Rich:

Lori Sally says,

“My first thought was… Ted Cruz talking about women’s health?! UGH!”

[Doctor Rich laughs and shakes his head] Awww!

[clip of the “Emotional Damage” meme plays, followed by sad music and a picture of Ted Cruz next to the “Michael Jordan Crying” meme with Doctor Rich’s face superimposed over the original] 

So as I had responded to Lori in the comments section — you know, as a society, I think we’ve become kind of judgey about things — but the truth is, I’ve spent my entire career dedicated to education, innovations, and creating technology that helps improve women’s health. And Lori did comment back and report how grateful she was for our channel. 

On our “Vasectomy vs. Tubal” video, Alan Rife comments [Doctor Rich reads in a mock-angry voice],

“Search YouTube for vasectomies gone wrong! Doctors brush over pain by saying ‘most men’ — would you eat in a restaurant where two out of a hundred meals give you food poisoning?! Tubal ligations and vasectomies are not the only options!” 

Doctor Rich:

So go ahead and take a look at the video — I think it was actually a very thoughtful comparison. The specific video was meant as an educational and comical presentation of those two specific technologies. 

And of course, anybody who has undergone anything — a bad meal, a delay at the airport — that’s their own anecdotal experience. And so they’re going to then have a negative opinion of that. The other thousand people may not have had that and didn’t have a bad experience. So we feel bad for your experience, and thanks for your comment.

Our next comment… Oh goodness. Alan just can’t get enough!

[Doctor Rich reads the comment with mock anger]

“That’s a bunch of BS! How is this a comparison when both doctors are FOR vasectomy?!

Doctor Rich:

Did you watch the video? 

[Doctor Rich continues reading]

“Vasectomies are moneymakers! Uh, you could do it in a strip mall. You could make a million dollars…”

Doctor Rich:

[re-reading the comment with confusion] Or six million? I don’t know…

[laughing] You know? This guy — I’m going to hire him as my next business advisor! Because he clearly knows something that no doctor knows!

How creepy… [cracking up laughing] How creepy would it be to go to a strip mall for a vasectomy?!

And our next comment on our endometriosis video from Linda Norris:

“Perhaps, Dr. Rich, YOU have retrograde endometriosis.”

Doctor Rich:

[nodding his head and laughing] I do.

Next comment comes from the “Endometriosis vs. Period Pain” video. Vixenspace says,

“Oh my, I thought this was all normal for my periods. Thank you so much for informing us all” 

to which Christie Gibby responds:

“LOL. Can’t tell what’s more cringe the videos to the haircut!”

Doctor Rich:


This is a $$$ haircut!

Cameraman, offscreen:

You pay more for your haircuts than your videos?!

Doctor Rich:

[laughing guiltily]


And the next comment from MYGOALS:

“I think you should do reaction videos more often, but do put your knowledge in it. I like all your videos, but you deserve much more of subscribers…”

Doctor Rich [laughing]:

Aww, Ruben (filming the video)! Did you put in a nice comment to combat all the mean comments?

[continues reading the comment]

“…I even misunderstood your subscribers to be one million.”

Doctor Rich:

That’s a lot of strip mall centers we can do!

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