Doctor Rich answers questions girls are too afraid to ask boys!

Welcome back to the Doctor Rich channel! Today, we’re going to do something a little bit different. My team has scoured the internet and found the top questions that women want to ask men… but they’re too embarrassed to ask! Here we go…

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Question 1: Do you like it when women (your friend or girlfriend) tell you that they feel safe around you? 

Doctor Rich:

Do I like it if women… I mean, yeah! Men want to be providers! Men want to feel strong. There’s actually a really good book called The Queen’s Code by Allison Armstrong that talks about how there are these roles that men and women play. And most relationships — three out of four — end in divorce because people fall out of sync with this natural interaction between masculine and feminine energy (whether it’s men, women, cis, trans, or whatever). But there are these energies between the two partners and how that interaction supports and can be supportive of the masculine partner. 

Question 2: Do you enjoy late-night chats as much as women do, or do they annoy you if they happen too often?

Doctor Rich [laughing]:

Yeah, I’d say if they happen EVER that annoys me! I just don’t have time. That’s not efficient! I need to be able to do my work, have dinner… You know? I do carve out time for the kids and my wife… but yeah. Maybe watch Netflix or something — but the late-night chat thing’s got to go!

Question 3: How often do men want to be hugged? Does it feel clingy if a girl offers it every now and then?

Doctor Rich:

I like hugs! I mean, I think that having a connection with your partner is extremely important. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be — you know — draped by somebody constantly, but yeah! I think people like that human touch and interaction — so hug away! 

So the definitive answer: 3.6 times a day.

Question 4: What are your thoughts on women making the first move?

Doctor Rich:

I’m down!

I mean, you can lead, follow, you know… I’m open for it. So whatever leads to some amorous connection is good with me. 

Question 5: What’s wrong? I know something’s wrong!

Doctor Rich [laughing, rereading the question]:

“What’s wrong? I know something’s wrong!”

Mind reading!

Guys don’t like to talk! I mean — and it’s generalizations of my opinion — when I REALLY have something to say, and I’ve thought about it, and I want to put something meaningful out into the world… I’ll say it. Otherwise, I’m not going to say anything. And that’s actually probably one of the harder things to realize about men — is we’re not angry! I mean… we might be angry — but most of the time we’re just not talking. I mean, we don’t feel that we need to talk constantly to express our opinion about something. So don’t assume something’s wrong — and we’ll let you know.

Question 6: What does the inside of a vagina feel like?

Doctor Rich:

Hmm… I mean, I don’t know where the #$@& to go with this…

So as a gynecologist — 98.4 degrees… moist?

Question 7: How much does height matter to you in terms of attraction?

Doctor Rich:

I think this is a bigger issue for women. I think women have this standard that men have to be six feet tall — and yet only like 10% of men are six feet tall. I mean, look at Shaq — he’s got like this little bite-size girlfriend (or is she his wife?). I think there are WAY more elements and attributes of attraction that men will put ahead of height (as Sir Mix-A-Lot might have you believe!).

[clip of the 1990s song “Baby Got Back” plays]

Question 8: What does it feel like to run around without underwear on? Does your penis just flop around?

Doctor Rich [laughing]:

I guess I know why these questions aren’t asked!

Yeah, I like the boxer briefs — a little bit of comfort, a little bit of support. And actually — it’s interesting — I had a friend in college who would run without any “support,” and he got a testicular torsion. It’s a condition where the testicle twists on itself and cuts off its blood supply. It’s a surgical emergency — you can lose your testicle. I don’t recommend it if you’re doing physical activity, but otherwise…it feels good to be free. 

Question 9: What makes you want to commit/be exclusive/get married? Does that have anything to do with your partner, or is it more like I have to be ready with myself first? 

Doctor Rich:

That’s a good one!

I think everybody is different. And I think in general, men want to feel like they’ve sewed their oats. They want to feel like they’ve experienced everything they want to experience — and then get ready to settle down. Certainly, other men just know when they found “The One.”

[picture of Doctor Rich and his wife, with Wedding March music]

Question 10: What are the big signs that a man is dangerous to be around (in your opinion)?

Doctor Rich [doing an impression of Maverick and Iceman from “Top Gun”]:

“You’re dangerous every time you go up in the air!”

“That’s right, Iceman — I am!”

I think I totally messed that up. Sorry, Tom [Cruise]

Question 11:How much does being punched in the balls hurt?

Doctor Rich [to a person offscreen, laughing]:

Ruben? Come here. We’re going to do a little interactive… 


No, you guys just said in the last question, I didn’t have balls, so…

Doctor Rich:

So you can only just compare other types of pain. 

So it’s frankly not as bad as a kidney stone — that’s pretty bad. Women with kidney stones say that’s worse than labor pain. 

I have no way of comparing it to labor pain, but it’s not as bad as a kidney stone — but it’s pretty bad. I don’t recommend it. And what might be worse is the “ball graze,” right? So you’re just like [makes a swishing sound], and it’s like two or three seconds, and then you’re like [groans in pain], and you can’t breathe and you double over.

So that’s probably even worse than getting hit!

Question 12: Does it bother you if a girl is smarter, prettier, stronger, or makes more money than you?

Doctor Rich:

 Well, my wife is all those things — so I’m good. 

Question 13: Do you feel it’s hard to cry or show emotion?

Doctor Rich:

God, I don’t even remember the name of the comedian… but he is just like, “Men! They just take all this, and they smash it down, and down, and down, and they die when they’re like…” But it’s really funny.

Question 14: Is it true that men can’t be just friends with women?

Doctor Rich:

I’m going to say that that would be the exception. 

I think in most cases — with long enough, continuous interaction — there’s gonna develop some kind of feelings… and it would be rare. 

Question 15: What’s the perfect first date?

Doctor Rich:

Oh, that’s a good one!

Probably taking the private jet over to Milan and then getting the rigatoni scallopini… or something involving the Eiffel Tower and a bottle of wine.

Question 16: Do you like staying in touch throughout the day with your significant other?

Doctor Rich:

Um… Yeah…

[laughing] Well the hesitation *$%#@! that one, didn’t it?!

Yes! Yes, baby — I DO like staying in touch with you ALL day! Text me, call me, leave voice messages…

Question 17: How do you feel about your periods?

Doctor Rich [rereading the question]:

Oh, not MY periods — how do you feel about periods? Well, I’m the period expert! So you can check out this video on endometriosis and this video on painful periods.