Happy International Women’s Day! A Shoutout to the Women Who’ve Shaped Me

Welcome back to the Doctor Rich Channel. Congratulations are in order — we recently reached 7,500 subscribers and over a million views! And I just wanted to record this short video to acknowledge and show my appreciation for all of my female mentors that have helped me to become the surgeon, educator, and YouTuber that I am today. 

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During my time at the Cleveland Clinic in the early 2000s, I had the extreme privilege of working with some of the greatest women’s health professionals practicing today.

I’d start with Cleveland Clinic legend, Linda Bradley. She is an innovator, trailblazer — and she literally wrote the book on operative hysteroscopy. She was a huge formative part for me in medicine, and perfecting my talent and my skill surgically. But she was also someone who was amazingly encouraging — and I don’t want to say “motherly,” but encouraging and nurturing. It was truly her passion to take these substrates of young, and new doctors and mold them into consummate professionals by the time they finished residency.

Also at Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Fifi Paraiso — one of the world’s renowned urogynecologists. I would have to say she was a huge part of my decision to specialize in this field (to sit for the boards for urogynecology). And both of these amazing women came from backgrounds and training in an age where it was all men — and having to do not just enough, but BETTER than their peers to not just achieve, but exceed everybody’s expectations. They went through struggles that I can’t possibly fathom, and yet they had the compassion to get me to become the best that I can be. And I’m really grateful for my experience and training there.

And beyond the field of medicine — the area of education — being able to take what we know and share that with hundreds, thousands, even millions of people. And there’s no better mentor for that than groundbreaking OB/GYN, Dr. Mama Jones (Dr. Daniella Jones). And although I don’t know her personally, she’s had a tremendous influence on me to become the best communicator I can on the YouTube platform. 

And of course, all of the amazing guests we’ve had on the Channel — Dr. Erin Meyers, Dr. Cook, Dr. Compean — selflessly, giving their time to help us in our mission to provide information and education. 

So I want to thank all of you on International Women’s Day for helping me to become the best compassionate care provider, surgeon, speaker, educator, and YouTuber that I can become. Help us in our mission by sharing this video — and hit that subscribe button.