Is ChatGPT Ready to Replace Doctors?

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Doctor Rich [Typing the question into the ChatGPT interface]:
I’m on a date and had a green vaginal discharge. Can you give me some advice on how to talk to my date about this… but in a funny way? 

Here’s an idea:
“Hey, you know how life sometimes likes to throw curve balls? I think I just got pitched a wacky one. You remember Nickelodeon slime from those game shows? Well, it appears my body decided to host its own version of the game show without inviting me. As much as I’m enjoying our date, it seems I need to go and play referee.” 

Doctor Rich:
Okay, I mean, not inaccurate… but a little weird!

He’s also into rap. Could you write that into my response that way? 

Yo, on this date, things were going great,
But my body decided to participate
In a game show with green discharge in the mix.
Like Nickelodeon slime. What a wacky fix!
My body’s got style bringing surprises galore, 
But this green situation’s got me heading for the door.

Doctor Rich [laughing]
Okay, let’s take this one step further. My date is taken aback, but he would like to help. What could we do as a treatment for this situation? 

Here are a few steps that you both can take:
Comfort and support. He could offer emotional support, which is always appreciated in such situations. 

Doctor Rich:
Probably something that’s left out of most healthcare education interactions is comfort and support — so thank you, ChatGPT!

Suggest rescheduling the date — you both seem to get along well. 

Doctor Rich [laughing]:
And yeah — reschedule the date. 

Now, vaginal discharge is the most common reason that women will go see their OB/GYN. Now, another common reason (particularly for my field of urogynecology) is incontinence. So let’s take a twist on this. 

I was mistaken. Those aren’t my symptoms. I think I just have incontinence. What should I say? I think I just peed the chair!

You might say something like, “You know, your humor is just too potent. I mean, people always say they laugh so hard, they almost peed their pants — but you’ve got me leveling up to doing it for real. Your comedic skills are dangerously good, but hey, let’s call it an intermission. I need to freshen up a bit.”

Doctor Rich:
That’s great! But let’s see if ChatGPT can actually solve the problem. 

Awesome. I’m in the bathroom, and I need some medical advice now. “How to deal with this incontinence and make it stop?” 

Empty your bladder regularly. If possible, try to use the bathroom at regular intervals. This can help avoid the bladder getting too full, which can lead to incontinence. 
Pelvic floor exercises, exercises like Kegels can help strengthen the muscles that control urination. To do Kegels, you contract, hold, and then release the muscles you would use to stop urinating. 

Doctor Rich:
So there’s several different types of incontinence. 

There’s stress incontinence that is caused by coughing and leaking. 

Urgent incontinence, which is a neurologic problem. The bladder doesn’t fill all the way, and when it’s half full, your bladder nerves get overactive and make you want to run to the bathroom. And sometimes you don’t have time to go to the bathroom and you leak. 

And there’s another type of incontinence; it’s called overflow, where the bladder actually doesn’t empty. So timed devoiding is one of the therapies that we can do to try to keep your bladder empty. That, in combination with medicines — and sometimes even surgery. 

Pelvic floor exercise or Kegel exercises is a process where you squeeze the pelvic floor muscles of the urogenital diaphragm. And that’s helpful for incontinence and prolapse.

ChatGPT [continuing response]:
Avoid bladder irritants, caffeine, alcohol, and acidic foods that can irritate your bladder and increase the urge to urinate… 

Doctor Rich:
And that’s all good advice. Excesses of caffeine and alcohol can definitely exacerbate urgent continence and urinary urgency. Caffeine, specifically — because it is actually a diuretic and makes you pee more — as well as alcohol. So if you’re drinking a lot of caffeine and/or alcohol, you want to make sure you drink a lot of water to make up for that deficit so you don’t dehydrate. 

Limit fluid intake before going out. This doesn’t mean you should get dehydrated, but try to find a balance to prevent a full bladder during your date. 

Doctor Rich:
Not a super satisfactory option, but for patients that get up at night to pee, limiting fluid intake after their last meal after dinner time can be helpful. 

Wear protective garments; there are many products like absorbent pads or underwear. 

Doctor Rich:
Yeah. The undergarment incontinence market is a billion dollar market. 

Can I do pelvic floor exercises in the bathroom stall? 

Yes. Pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegels, can indeed be done virtually anywhere. Identify the right muscles. The first step in doing Kegel exercises is to make sure you’re working the right muscles. The easiest way to identify these muscles is by stopping your urine midstream. The muscles you use to do this are your pelvic floor muscles. 

Doctor Rich:
Yes. Identifying the correct muscles is very important in the office. You can isolate those muscles. You don’t want to contract your abdomen or your butt or your glutes, and you can focus just on those muscles. An example would be the muscles that you would be able to stop your pee stream from going. You can literally do it anywhere. We tell our patients you can do it at a stoplight while you’re waiting — and we advise twenty episodes of contraction/relaxing per day. 

[Laughing as he types] 
Do you, do you think this means that the date is over? Thank you, ChatGPT! Can you give me this response in a rap song? 

Hey, yo, this night’s been wild,
Your style, your smile had me beguiled.
But life spinning occurred. I gotta step off the tile. 
Health’s calling my name, gotta walk that extra mile. 

Hey, it’s no diss, no dismissal wave,
Just need some time, need a moment to save.
Wanna be my best, when we next engrave,
Another night in memory’s cavernous cave. 

So let’s pause, not a full stop. 
Just a ‘lil break from the hip hop.
Your company’s sweet like a soda pop. 
Can’t wait for Act Two. Let’s let the beat drop.

Doctor Rich:
That escalated quickly! ChatGPT on healthcare advice? My diagnosis: Leave some room for improvement. As far as dating advice? Eh… We’ll leave that up to the subscriber. Love it or leave it, we had some laughs. Make sure you share this video with a friend!