A Day in the Life… If I Were An Anesthesiologist

If you’ve been around the channel for long, you’ve probably seen what happens in a day of my crazy life as a surgeon.

But how would my day look if I’d chosen a different medical specialty?

We’ve joked (a lot) about the friendly rivalry between surgeons and anesthesiologists. Today, I’m imagining what my life *might* look if I were an anesthesiologist!

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  1. I’d start my day after 11 days off…
  1. A free Audi! How fun!
  1. Double mocha espresso latte!
  1. Let’s look at the board… Oh! Slow day! Time for more coffee and a nap!
  1. Working hard.
  1. Surgery time. Let’s count down from ten… So exhausting!
  1. Break time yet? Uh…


  1. Nobody will notice…
  1. Stress management (back rub).
  1. (Candy) Crushin’ it to pass the time…
  1. Interrupting my game… RUDE! What does this guy want? Trendelenburg?
  1. More coffee…
  1. Done for the day at 11:30am! So tired after all that work!

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