Busting 3 Hysterectomy Myths: Anna’s Story

Here’s why you shouldn’t wait TOO LONG to have a hysterectomy

Welcome back to the Doctor Rich channel!  Today, we continue our hysterectomy stories with Anna Caldarella. Anna: Hi! Doctor Rich: Thanks for coming. We’re going to hear from Anna — and bonus feature! —  we’re going to do some hysterectomy myth busting! And stick around to the end to find out what happens if you […]

Will a hysterectomy leave me with hot flashes and a ruined sex life? 😱 

Will a hysterectomy leave me with hot flashes and ruined sex life? Michelle’s hysterectomy experience

Doctor Rich Welcome back to the Doctor Rich channel. Today, we have Michelle back in the studio to give us an update about her hysterectomy story.  Michelle: Yes. A year and a half later, I’m doing absolutely fantastic!  Doctor Rich: We’re gonna ask Michelle the most commonly Googled questions about hysterectomy — including “How’s your […]

Robotics made all the difference: Michelle’s amazing hysterectomy recovery

Doctor Rich: Some people are afraid of having any surgery, but specifically hysterectomy. Maybe a family member had an open surgery and they were told that they were in bed for two months — or certainly not at work for a couple of months! What was your experience?  Don’t have time to read this post? […]