Why you CAN’T get pregnant with PCOS

PCOS - infertility

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PCOS: Top 5 Things You Did NOT Know

5 Things to know about pcos

Welcome back to the Doctor Rich Channel. Today we’re talking about the five things you need to know about polycystic ovarian syndrome.  Don’t have time to read this post? Watch the video here instead! It is a common condition. In fact, of all the endocrine conditions, this is the most common that can affect women […]

The SECRET to Managing Your Weight with PCOS

Welcome back to the Doctor Rich channel! Why is weight gain such a struggle for so many women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (or PCOS)? And what are some healthy ways to get weight under control? We’re going to talk about diet, medication, and supplements. Stick around till the end to find out my recommendation for […]

Does a late period = pregnancy? Reasons you might be late (PCOS)

Does a late period = pregnancy? Reasons you might be late (PCOS)

Doctor Rich: Welcome back to the Dr. Rich channel! Today, we’re talking about, “Am I pregnant?” ** Spoiler alert**  I’m not pregnant.  We’re actually talking about whether or not YOU’RE pregnant and how you can tell if it’s just a late period, pregnancy — or something else. And stick around to the end to find […]