Will a hysterectomy leave me with hot flashes and a ruined sex life? 😱 

Will a hysterectomy leave me with hot flashes and ruined sex life? Michelle’s hysterectomy experience

Doctor Rich Welcome back to the Doctor Rich channel. Today, we have Michelle back in the studio to give us an update about her hysterectomy story.  Michelle: Yes. A year and a half later, I’m doing absolutely fantastic!  Doctor Rich: We’re gonna ask Michelle the most commonly Googled questions about hysterectomy — including “How’s your […]

The measure of excellence: how do you define success?

Bob Wingo - Founder and Chairman

Doctor Rich: Welcome back today. Today, we’re sitting down with Bob Wingo. He is the founder of one of the largest ad agencies in El Paso — they’ve made advertisements for Super Bowl commercials!  He’s also the chairman of the Burrell College of Medicine. Now this is a little bit outside of the box for […]

Freedom from Endometriosis: Eleani’s Life-Changing Surgery Experience

Eleani's Life Changing Endometriosis Surgery

Hi, I’m Doctor Rich. And my passion is to provide every woman with practical knowledge about the world of women’s health. Today, we have a treat. Ellie is going to share with us her story about how she suffered from painful periods from endometriosis and how she got a cure with robotic endometriosis surgery. If […]

Estela Casas testimonial

Conversation With Estela Casas

Dr. Rich  (00:00: Welcome back to the Dr. Rich channel. We have our El Paso icon public figure is still accosted with us today. We’re grateful to have a candid conversation, uh, about women’s health, um, full disclosure. We are both received the vaccination for COVID-19 and socially distance. And we are following the CDC […]