Tubal Ligation vs. Long-Term Contraception

Tubal Ligation vs. Long-Term Contraception

Tubal ligation. I know you’ve thought about it — I mean, you clicked on the thumbnail! So here’s what you need to know before having a tubal ligation. And stick around to the end to find out who should never have a tubal ligation! Don’t have time to read this post? Watch the video here […]

Vasectomy vs. Tubal Ligation – Part 2

Battle of the snip part 2

Doctor Rich: Hi, I’m Doctor Rich. Thanks for joining us today! We have Dr. Spier back in the studio to discuss the benefits of tubal ligation versus the vasectomy: part two. Last time, he brought his “big gun” arguments, but this time… I brought my bazooka. Good luck!  Dr. Spier: Good luck.  Don’t have time […]

Battle of the Snips: Is a vasectomy or tubal ligation better?

Vasectomy Vs. Tubal Ligation

Dr. Rich (00:00): Welcome back to the Dr. Rich channel today. It’s urology versus gynecology, Dr. Spear and myself. We’ll debate the vasectomy versus tubal ligation and find out which one is better. Don’t have time to read this blog post? Watch it here instead! Dr. Rich (00:22: Hi, I’m Dr. Rich and my passion […]

Untying Tubes: Here’s what you need to know


Hi, my name is Dr. Rich, and I’m passionate about providing everyone with practical knowledge about the world of women’s health. If you have had a sterilization procedure, if you’ve had your tubes tied and life circumstances have changed, and you’re interested in fertility, we’re going to talk about the risks, benefits, the costs associated […]