The TRUTH About Your Menstrual Cycle | 4 Phases

Menstrual Cycles 101

Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients visit doctors’ offices for infertility concerns and questions about menstrual irregularities. But let’s face it: Doctors’ offices and doctors’ visits can be crowded and feel rushed, and patients often leave their visit with more questions than answers.  Now, a lot of my patients (who happen to know I’m […]

HPV & Cervical Cancer: What You Need to Know

HPV cancer

Vaccination.  Even the word makes some people cringe. There have been few more divisive topics in the last three years than vaccination, but did you know that there’s a vaccine that can prevent cancer?  Don’t have time to read this post? Watch the video here instead! Now I use the word divisive and not controversial […]

Vaginal Health Products That DON’T Work

Vaginal Products that dont work

Welcome back! On our channel, you’ve seen me review many surgical treatments, therapies, and medications that can improve your health and quality of life. But what about all of these OTHER products out there? They’re not FDA-approved… You can buy them on Amazon… Don’t worry — we’re on your side! Today I’m going to review […]

Vaginitis: What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You

For Vaginitis

If you’ve seen our TikTok video on ureaplasma and mycoplasma (and judging from the video’s 10.9K views, most of you have!), there have been a lot of questions about the specific vaginal infection.  What is it?  When do we test for it? How is it treated, and what symptoms does it cause?  Don’t have time […]

Vaginal Health: Separating TikTok Fact from TikTok Fiction

Hi, I’m Doctor Rich, board-certified urogynecologist and passionate women’s healthcare advocate. Today we’re checking out popular vagina TikToks. Don’t have time to read this post? Watch the video here instead! [Video of a woman styling her hair and pointing to a caption reading “Things all v@gina owners should have been taught in school”] [Video begins […]

Vaginal Tightening Laser Transcript: The Shocking Truth

Vaginal Laser Therapy: What does the evidence say?

Vaginal laser therapy.  Have doctors found the fountain of youth for the vagina? Don’t have time to read this post? Watch the video here instead! So there’s been a tremendous increase in interest in an area of medicine called cosmetic gynecology. This is where there are concerns that women have about the look, appearance, shape, […]

Infertility with Endometriosis | Real Patient Stories

Welcome back to the Doctor Rich channel. Today we have a special guest: Lucero Tarin. Lucero is here to talk with us today about endometriosis and infertility — and how what you don’t know might keep you from getting pregnant.  Don’t have time to read this post? Watch the video here instead! Doctor Rich: Now […]

Gynecologist Reacts to Hotel Vagina


Were you scrolling TikToks about vaginas? Me too. Today we’re going to react to Hayley Morris’s “Hotel Vagina!” Don’t have time to read this post? Watch the video here instead! [Woman sits at a reception desk with a computer labeled “Hotel Vagina.” A woman representing a period comes up to the desk with luggage labeled […]

My Horrifying Medical Nightmare


Welcome back to the Doctor Rich Channel. Today we’re talking about medical horror stories — we’re going to talk about one particular event that occurred during my career that is cringeworthy! And make sure you stick around to the end to hear all of the gory details! Don’t have time to read this post? Watch […]

The UNSEEN reason why sex might hurt

The UNSEEN reason why sex might hurt

Hi, I’m Doctor Rich — board-certified urogynecologist, OB/GYN, and passionate advocate of women’s healthcare. Today we’re gonna talk about the infectious causes for sexual pain. We’re gonna talk about two bacteria, one protozoa, and a virus. Click on our Patreon link to join our team to help spread important women’s health education around the world.  […]