Guided meditation session for busy people

Are you ready to relax? No, seriously. I mean, right now, today, I’m going to guide you through a meditation session. So kick back and let the stress melt away.

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Hi, my name is Dr. Rich and my passion is to provide every woman with practical knowledge about the world of women’s health. In my last video, we talked about meditation, what it is and how it helps you to slow down and de-stress. Today, we’re going to take that a step further. As I guide you through a meditation session, let’s do this. For this meditation, I want you to find a comfortable place, quiet and away from distractions. I want you to sit comfortably feet on the floor, palms up with your hands on your lap. 

For most of this session, you’re simply going to focus on the breath, deep breath in through your nose, and then exhale through your mouth. Deep breath in and deep breath out. I want you to continue this process, and I simply want you to focus on your breathing. I want you to imagine an air molecule going into your nose as you inhale into your lungs, through your body, and then out as you exhale during meditation, it’s perfectly natural for your mind to wander ideas will come into your head. I simply want you to acknowledge them without judgment and let them pass away. 

And then slowly come back to the breath and just think this breath in as you inhale and this breath out, I want you to imagine that you’re sitting in the country by a river, resting in the grass. The water slowly is flowing by his thoughts into your mind. I want you to take that thought and just place it on a leaf on the river and just let the stream carry it away until it’s out of sight. Then I just want you to come back to the breath, deep breath in deep breath out. I want you to think about something in your life that you can be grateful for. It could be your lover, your friend, the smile of your child could be somebody at work. Something simple, something you can be grateful for. 

I want you to think back in your life, something that seemed problematic at the time, the second thing, something that was a challenge that maybe you didn’t enjoy. But now that you look back, it made you who you are now. I just want you to take your hands, both of your hands, and place them on your heart. I want you to breathe deeply into your heart and breathe out. I want you to think about this gift of your heart. Your creator gave you this heart and you didn’t have to do anything to earn it. As long as it beats, you live, you breathe in oxygen, goes to your heart, and then flows out through the rest of your body. 

How fortunate and grateful are we to have this heart. I want you to rest your arms, palms up, back on your knees and just return to your breath. Deep breath in slow and deep breath out. Deep breath in deep breath out. Just this breath in, just this breath out. Wow. I want you to open your eyes. So congratulations. You finished your first meditation session. Well, maybe not your first, but I’m glad that you took time to meditate, breathe and take a mindful approach to your day times can be tough and challenges will always arise, but our channel is here to support you. So please rewatch the video whenever you need to and share with someone that you think might find it helpful. Please also subscribe. So you can always come back for more valuable content.