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Hi, I’m Dr. Rich. And my passion is to provide every woman with practical knowledge about the world of women’s health. Now, February is the bleeeh…

Maybe I’ll write a sawng! 

All right. The power of now, how surgical practice, the power of now mindfulness guru teachings of 


Threes. I was transcendental. While you were watching 

You pressured proce today, we’re joined by my good friend, esteemed colleague. And you’re going to college just to discuss your mother, all the tips and tricks of the cyclical bull 

Pixie. Oh, that was almost there. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Rich and my passion is sobriety. Every pride. Please remember, describe, describe, can you describe, can you describe that? Wasn’t terrible. 

Good in the good stuff here. Here’s a little bit of meditation for you. Oh, take that nervousness and edge out of recording this video. Yeah, 

This is even better than what I was talking about.