“What am I saying?!?”: Funniest Moments of 2021

Well, it’s the end of 2021! We had a great time creating content to inform and empower our viewers about the world of women’s health. It was not all business, though — and we’re finishing out the year with some funny bloopers from filming. 

So here’s a look at some outtakes — and make sure to check out the videos we had so much fun creating!


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1. Spanish Potatoes

Doctor Rich [in a Spanish accent]:

“Coming to you live from Barcelona… we are now going to eat potatoes!”


“Is that what they eat?”

Doctor Rich:

“Well, I had a potato in Barcelona…” 

2. Nobody wants bloater…

Doctor Rich:

“You’re probably wondering as well if you have bloater. Bloater?”

3. The World’s Most Refreshing Drink

“El Buble. El refresco más mejor del mundo!”

4. Are we filming?

5.  Communication without being a @!#&: avoiding mansplaining – YouTube

[cameraman bends down to adjust something behind Doctor Rich]


“Don’t fart!”

Doctor Rich [making a fart sound]

“You knew it!”

“Wait, manscaping? No, no. Don’t talk about manscaping.”

7. The Thug Life

Doctor Rich [taps his mic]:

“Check, check…”

[Doctor Rich begins beatboxing, and video adds animated “Thug Life” style music, pixellated sunglasses, and hat to the video frame]

8. Bladder Slings and Mesh: What are they, and why do they have a bad rap? – YouTube

Doctor Rich:

“All a mesh is, is an interwoven… mesh. [in a goofy voice, as the “thinking guy” meme appears on screen] A MeSh iS a mEsh! [giving a thumbs up] Pure gold, *@$!3^s!”

9. Pushing the hot button: does the vaccine affect fertility? – YouTube

Doctor Rich:

“The COVID infection causes severe death… [pauses and begins laughing] Severe death?! Not regular death, this *&@t causes severe death! Oh my God!”

10. Freedom from endometriosis: Eleani’s life-changing surgery experience – YouTube

Doctor Rich:

“If you’re a young woman who has painful periods or chronic pain and you’ve been told that it’s in your head, there’s nothing that can be done… It’s normal, just live with it… [Doctor Rich loses his train of thought, looks at the camera and smiles, jokingly]… then you should live with it!”

11. Here’s why so many doctors drop the ball on diagnosing endometriosis – YouTube

Doctor Rich:

“…but you think there’s more going on than they’re telling you… [begins looking suspiciously around the room, video fades to black and white negative exposure and the theme music from “The X-Files” begins playing] It’s a conspiracy! A conspiracy, I tell you!”

“And you feel that that’s bull@$%…”

“We will put… uh… a list of that… uh… in the description.” [Doctor Rich collapses in laughter]

12. Natural period pain remedies: Do really they work? – YouTube

Doctor Rich:

“How hard is it to record eating blueberries? Still recording?”



Doctor Rich:

“Blueberries! [accidentally drops some and looks down] The active ingredient is epi-callo… syphilis… chlamydia…” [laughing]

“Let’s get out the needles. [hesitates] That’s creepy. Don’t put that in there!”

“Herbs and supplements, not herbs and spices — this isn’t KFC!”

“[tongue-tied] Man-aca-naca! Man-aca-moto!”


“No bacon? For the CrossFitters and Paleos?”

Doctor Rich:

“No, they’re *$%!**& idiots!”

14. 3, 2, 1 — Let’s do this!

Doctor Rich:

[counting down to start recording]

“3, 2, 1… [restarts] 3, 2, 1… [restarts] 3, 2, 1. So if you find you… [restarts]

3, 2, 1… So if the [restarts again] 3, 2, 1. So if any of these issues 3, 2, 1… [Doctor Rich doubles over laughing]

There’s probably some gold nuggets in these last couple of videos! 3, 2, 1…”

15. Vasectomy vs Tubal Ligation: Which one is better? Who gets the snip?? – YouTube

Dr. Spier:

“I hope you brought a…”

Doctor Rich:

[moving his arms like he’s walking jauntily]

“To a gentleman’s squirmish…”

Dr. Spier:

“I hope your knife is large because you brought it to a gunfight!”

Doctor Rich:

“…okay, great. How about the second point?”

Dr. Spier:

“Which was?”

Doctor Rich:

[laughing] “Oh!”

Dr. Spier:

“I didn’t hear the second one!”

Doctor Rich:

“Well, thanks, Jeff, for joining us in the studio!”

Dr. Spier:

“Thanks for having us! Us!?! [starts laughing] One more time…”

Doctor Rich:

“Thanks for having these nuts!”

15. Come with me if you want to learn about robotic surgery… – YouTube

Doctor Rich:

“I should probably get Dr. Rich scrubs, you know?” [camera zooms a superimposed image of the Doctor Rich logo on to the pocket of his hospital scrubs while heroic music plays]

“Yeah! So all these great things about the surgical robot come in a package about the size of a… [holds hands to indicate a  several a height of several feet]… giant… robot… thing!”

Doctor Rich:

“But it comes in the package of… uh… YOUR package!”

“…So you can look and you can lick this video. Lick the video!?!” [Doctor Rich laughs and sticks out his tongue]

“In summary, robotic surgery is an ideal way to… &^$%!!!!…. I’m going to redo that… [makes goofy noises to indicate confused speech]… Ugh, stupid!”

Doctor Rich:

“Okay, mic drop — I gotta go pee!”

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