Reacting to YOUR comments!

Hi, I’m Doctor Rich — board-certified urogynecologist and passionate women’s healthcare advocate. We recently celebrated our two-year anniversary of the Doctor Rich Channel! Thanks for being with us on this journey. In this video, we’re going to react to your comments — stick around to the end for the “physician burnout battle royale!”

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Judith WymanOMG, now you will be a better OB/GYN to your patients. You are crazy for trying, and yes, it is that bad. I had horrible endometriosis — like labor pains. Yes, I had my first by all-natural childbirth with no drugs.

Well, hats off to you! We had talked about in prior videos how it’s interesting that the process of labor and delivering a baby is essentially the only medical process where it’s not absolutely required to have anesthesia for that. Patients choose to feel the pain that goes with the process. So hats off to you for doing that — and thanks for watching our video. [Anxiously] I guess we’ll have to figure out how to simulate childbirth in our next video…

Dark HighwaymanHugs are nice.

I agree!

Judith WymanHope this is after your burnout video. Have fun.

So we did a Glaucomflecken reaction video to physician burnout — which is a lighthearted take on a very serious topic (which you can check out here). 

And actually, Judith — no, that seven-day trip through Bordeaux actually happened prior to the physician burnout video (which probably doesn’t bode well!). 

TheQuark789Instead of cooling the whole room and then heating the patient, why not just give the surgeon a cooling suit like race car drivers have?


And then maybe you could pee in the suit and never have to leave the OR! That’s a pretty good idea!

Stephanie BollingerIs this Dan Soda’s brother?

[To cameraman, offscreen] Jonathan — I think they misspelled “Ryan Gosling.”

Jake TaylorLMAO, the idea that OB/GYNs aren’t surgeons. I’ve had six surgeries in my life thus far, and three of them were performed by an OB/GYN. Not only that, two of those surgeries were the most invasive/complex surgeries I had, and one saved my life.

Well, that’s great to hear! And I think that our video was very well-received — you can check out that one here. OB/GYNs, you know, have this sacred privilege of being the primary caretakers for women and women’s health — and are champions of developing research in that arena. We’re glad that you think so as well!

Rob SnyderI like the “some” surgeons “might” have a bit of an ego. The statement tells me everything.

[Jokingly] Are you trying to say, I have an ego?

ZaraNow we need Mama Dr. Jones to get in on this.

Oh, wow — yeah! So Mama Dr. Jones is probably the undisputed champion of OB/GYN YouTube. And actually, Mama Dr. Jones and I have a lot in common! So she has four kids — we have four kids. I think she has a set of twins, and we have triplets. So Dr. Mama Jones — if you’re watching, the invitation is out there! Come on the channel!

a24396Based on your description, I’ve been burnt out since 2008.

[Facetiously] With a handle like that, of course you’ve been burnt out! Give me a break. 

You know, I think that’s true of anybody who goes through the process of medical school training — you know, 80-hour work weeks, going into debt the entire time, residency training, getting paid minimum wage, working 80-90 hours a week, and then getting into clinical practice (essentially working the equivalent of two full-time jobs!). Everybody is a little bit burned out — even from the beginning of their career! 

And because we do have this unique, amazing privilege of this noble calling — of taking care of patients — that we take extremely seriously and we identify with that, it becomes our identity. I think that allows us to move forward with all the stresses and pressures that being a physician comes with. But it is a very serious problem, and it’s something that needs more attention. 

Thank you for being on this journey with us for the last two years! Thank you for your comments, and make sure to drop your comments below for a chance to be featured the next time I react to your comments!