Doctor Rich’s CRINGIEST Bloopers Yet!

[Doctor Rich in the studio, after multiple takes.]

Doctor Rich [laughing]:

This is gonna be #@$*&^! brutal for you to edit, dude. I’m sorry!

Three, two, one, and three, two, one. And what about — [bursts out laughing and keels over]

I’m in the fetal position!

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  1. 5 things to know before your gynecology exam

Doctor Rich:

…to get all of those questions answered. Talk about sexual activity, sexual preferences… what you found in your mom’s underwear drawer… [starts laughing] Don’t talk about that!

[clip from “SpongeBob’s” Patrick warning Mr. Krabs that he’s going to miss the “panty raid”]

Doctor Rich [laughing]:

Bust it out! Bust it out. [Tapping his watch] Get the time — get out the timer! Enough #$%8@!# around!

Cameraman [offscreen]:

Is this getting a little too technical? 

Doctor Rich [grimacing]:


This is really your chance to… [in a singsong voice] Get schwifty! Pickle Rick!

  1. The SECRET to managing your weight with PCOS

…candies and sugar. Seven days of the week to start, and we’re gonna continue to make progress. [To cameraman] Did I say seven days of the week? 

Cameraman [affirmatively]:


Doctor Rich [laughing]:

What the &*$!… [sarcastically] In your eight-day week… 

  1. Suffering from Vaginal Discharge? – Get Your Answers Here!

[laughing, quoting his son]

“Dad, my friends say you say “vagina” a lot…”

  1. In an OnlyFans world, what does “normal” really look like?

The American College of OB/GYN recently [coughs]… coughed on me!

The average range is between one and seven centimeters for the vaginal opening. 

Ruben [producer, offscreen]:

So contrary to what OnlyFans tries to make you believe? Now it’s gonna seem like I’m on OnlyFans… 

Doctor Rich:

It does seem like that. 


Jonathan, for the record —

Doctor Rich [laughing, anticipating Ruben’s statement]:

I’m not on OnlyFans?


I’m NOT on OnlyFans. I only know about OnlyFans the same way I know about Tinder — which I have also never been on. Just things you hear…

Doctor Rich [laughing]:

Word of mouth! 

Doctor Rich:

I’m using a lot of fancy words! I’m using my fancy word dictionary!

  1. Surgeon and Nurse React to Endometriosis TikToks

Doctor Rich:

Robotic surgery is an important tool for… [trips up on his words] Ergh! *&^! 

Three, two, one… 

[whispering to himself] “Endometriosis!” Just say it!

  1. The UNSEEN reason why sex might hurt

Another infection — a bacterial infection this time — also causes painful… $%^&-burgers. Three, two… 

Doctor Rich [laughing and shaking his finger at the cameraman]:

Jonathan, I noticed you were very interested about this line of questioning…

[Making the “peace out” hand sign] Mic drop, @#$%*! We out! 

  1. My Horrifying Medical Nightmare

I took a flight to Orlando… [begins laughing because he said “Orlando” in a funny way] 

[in a pretentious accent] Or-land-o.

I think there are way more elements and attributes of attraction that men will put ahead of height… [long pause] like t***ies.

8. Physicians React to Dr. Ken Jeong

Doctor Rich:

…blood flow and, um, *^%$ like that…

[A police siren blares outside] Here come the po-po!

Tea has anti-inflappatory… [catches himself and begins laughing] It’s FLAP-atory! Clap-atory!

9. 5 things to know before your gynecology exam

In all seriousness… f#$%… I can’t say that word!

[Tries again] In all serios-less…

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7. Top 3 Unusual Forms of Endometriosis | PART 2

Welcome back to the Doctor Rich channel! A few months back, we published a video called… [the cooling system turns on loudly] the air conditioning is on!

[Take 2] A few months back, we… [a door closes loudly offscreen] closed the door on people…

[Take 3] Welcome back to the Doctor Rich channel! [Someone offscreen opens a can of soda] That’s it. That’s it. He’s sipping on his drink like a *&^% — I don’t know what I’m supposed to do here… 

[Take 4] Three, two, one… What am I supposed to say?

…can actually be felt within the scar and causes painful… [emphatically] POOPS! 

…and causes painful… pain! [laughs]

[pretending to juggle and humming a circus melody] 

Ruben [offscreen]

Can you juggle?

Doctor Rich:

Juggle these &^%$#…

But don’t worry, guys — there’s only ever been a few case reports in men, so that’s NOT the reason you’re a giant *&^^%.

We’ll leave that there… We’ll just leave that there… Ummm….

[Words appear on a black screen reading “Camera was not recording, but the mic was on…”]

[Ice cream truck music plays from outside… at 8pm]

Ruben [laughing]:

It’s dark outside!

Doctor Rich: 

Seriously! It’s like… how is this NOT It [the monster clown], you know?! It’s like a f*&#@# clown in a gutter!


8. Vaginal removal surgery: Will it look weird?

Are those donuts? Is that those numbnuts over there?

Although incontinence is MORE common in… yo mama!

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[In a singsong voice] In the can, B*#$%#@!