She would NOT stop bleeding: Medical Horror Stories!

Crazy things happen in medicine — and we’re here to share those stories with you! We have a tale of a medical oddity for you today. We took that tale, relayed it to the artificial intelligence Chatbot GPT, and told it to create a horror script. THIS is that story. 

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You’ll be amazed by the strange and frightful things that dwell within the human body. Come closer, focus in — and we’ll tell you the tale of ”The Woman from Metro Raja.”(For the purpose of confidentiality, we’ll call this woman “Rosa.”) 

Rosa had been experiencing heavy bleeding and pain. She felt tired. Sometimes she would pass out. Doctors had tried many different medicines — and nothing worked. 

After several months, she came to the breaking point, and she went to the emergency room. On the exam table, the nurse examined her and yelled out, “You have a baby’s head in your vagina!”

The woman was horrified! She’d never been pregnant… and yet, somehow, she felt there was some monstrous creature inside her. Several doctors came in, each trying to deliver the baby’s head — but it was too large and deeply embedded. Doctors and nurses moved around frantically in the room. They pulled, and she screamed — but the head wouldn’t move, and she continued to bleed. 

They started an IV. 

They started a second IV!

They prepared for the worst.

Then the team brought in an ultrasound, and they imaged. There was no baby. 

The doctors were dumbfounded! They didn’t know what to do. They called the gynecologist. In the meantime, they kept pulling to try to deliver the bodiless baby’s head.

Minutes passed, and the room got more tense. The fear of uncertainty started to creep into everybody’s mind. When the gynecologist doctor arrived, he looked again with the ultrasound, didn’t see a heartbeat — but he saw the uterus. 

The gynecologist dropped the ultrasound and yelled out, “Stop pulling! You’re going to kill her!” 

It was a mass that had protruded from the uterus — a muscle tumor — and it had worked its way into the vagina. But it was deeply attached to the giant vessels in the pelvis that gave it blood supply. 

It actually turned out to be a good thing that they couldn’t deliver the mass! To do so would’ve meant opening large vessels — and certain death! 

Her bleeding slowed, and a calm came across the room. The doctor told her that it was a tumor — a mass, probably benign — but it could be cancer. And it was so deeply embedded, with such big vessels, that only the most skilled of surgeons could remove it safely. 

She was discharged from the emergency room, but she couldn’t get over the anxiety — the fear — that this mass would somehow be the end of her. Through her network of friends, she was able to get an immediate appointment with a famous specialist robotic surgeon. The surgeon immediately did a biopsy, which turned out benign — and gave her a great deal of relief! 

But the challenge that lay ahead was to perform the hysterectomy with these massively dilated vessels (in a safe way, with minimal blood loss) — and in a way that didn’t injure the surrounding organs. 

The surgeon brought her for surgery immediately and was able to perform the surgery with a surgical robot. A total success! The woman was overjoyed with her painless recovery and thanked her surgeon. 

But as she lay there in the hospital bed — she couldn’t shake the feeling that something had been left behind. 

She could feel something shifting and wriggling inside of her — something that refused to die. The woman’s fears were confirmed in the middle of the night when a small, grotesque creature crawled out of her wounds and scurried across the floor. She screamed in terror. But before anyone could come to help, the creature disappeared into the darkness… leaving the woman to wonder what horrors lay inside of her. 

The woman’s story spread like wildfire amongst the medical community, and the surgeon became known as the one who unleashed this nightmare upon the world.

Doctor Rich [out of “Scary Story” mode]:

So as you can imagine — the part of the story up until the recovery was all true. Those things all happened! You can imagine that the AI chatbot got a little crafty with the grotesque creature part — but I thought it was fun, so we included it.

Doctor Rich was that surgeon — and the patient was extremely grateful.

[Doctor Rich holds up a wooden cutting board embellished with the name “Farnam”]: She even made me a cutting board for cutting out the fibroid mass!

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