Robotics made all the difference: Michelle’s amazing hysterectomy recovery

Doctor Rich: Some people are afraid of having any surgery, but specifically hysterectomy. Maybe a family member had an open surgery and they were told that they were in bed for two months — or certainly not at work for a couple of months! What was your experience?  Don’t have time to read this post? […]

I love you, 3,000 (robotic surgeries): celebrating a milestone!

3000 surgeries - Dr. Rich

Doctor Rich: 3,000! Man, that’s a big number! So we recently reached our 3,000th robotic surgery. After the 1,000th and 2,000th milestones, we had a nice little cake and celebration. We decided to have fun with this one. So please enjoy.  Don’t have time to read this post? Watch the video here instead! [Silly video […]

Communication Without Being a *&!@: Avoiding Mansplaining


Mansplaining — what is that?  Welcome back to the Dr. Rich channel. Today, we’re going to talk about mansplaining and what it’s like to be a male women’s health professional who talks to women about women’s health topics — without being a total mansplainer!  Stick around to the end to find out if mansplaining could […]

Giving Dr. Mike a Checkup: Doctor Rich Reacts to a YouTube Robotics Video

Dr. Rich - Dr. Mike - reacts

Welcome back to the Dr. Rich channel. We all know and love Dr. Mike. He’s essentially the godfather of the medical Youtuber universe — and a brilliant clinician and doctor. However, he recently did a video on robotic surgery that brought us some issues that today we’re going to unpack. Make sure to stick around […]

Come with me if you want to learn about robotic surgery

Why Robotic Surgery

Welcome back to the Dr. Rich channel. Today’s topic is robotic surgery, and we’re going to answer the three most commonly asked questions. Don’t have time to read this blog post? Watch it here instead! What is robotic surgery? Why is it the best? And why are people scared of surgical robot? And make sure […]

Undergoing Robotic Surgery for Endometriosis? Here’s what to expect!

Robotic-Surgery for Endometriosis

Hi, my name is Dr. Rich, and I’m passionate about empowering every woman with practical knowledge about the world of women’s health. In my last video, we talked about painful period cramps, and whether or not that’s a sign of endometriosis. If you have severe endometriosis, here’s what you need to know about robotic surgical […]