Robotics made all the difference: Michelle’s amazing hysterectomy recovery

Doctor Rich: Some people are afraid of having any surgery, but specifically hysterectomy. Maybe a family member had an open surgery and they were told that they were in bed for two months — or certainly not at work for a couple of months! What was your experience?  Don’t have time to read this post? […]

Ask Doctor Rich: Is it normal to pass out from period pain?

Doctor Rich: Welcome back to the Dr. Rich channel! Today, we’re going to respond to your questions in the comments section of our channel — specifically, “Is it normal to pass out or almost pass out during your period?” Be sure to stick around to the end to read how my patient put an end […]

Talk sacrocolpopexy with me: What is the success rate?


Doctor Rich: Welcome back to the Doctor Rich channel. It’s been a while since we’ve talked about sacrocolpopexy, and subscriber Franca Difalco had a question. So today, we’re going to review her question, talk about what a sacrocolpopexy is, what the success rate is, and how or when it might recur. And stick around to […]

The measure of excellence: how do you define success?

Bob Wingo - Founder and Chairman

Doctor Rich: Welcome back today. Today, we’re sitting down with Bob Wingo. He is the founder of one of the largest ad agencies in El Paso — they’ve made advertisements for Super Bowl commercials!  He’s also the chairman of the Burrell College of Medicine. Now this is a little bit outside of the box for […]

I love you, 3,000 (robotic surgeries): celebrating a milestone!

3000 surgeries - Dr. Rich

Doctor Rich: 3,000! Man, that’s a big number! So we recently reached our 3,000th robotic surgery. After the 1,000th and 2,000th milestones, we had a nice little cake and celebration. We decided to have fun with this one. So please enjoy.  Don’t have time to read this post? Watch the video here instead! [Silly video […]