Doctor Rich Reacts to Doc Schmidt


Welcome back to the Doctor Rich channel! Today, we’re going to do a “reacts” video to Dr. Schmidt, a gastroenterologist and YouTube sensation who has a hilarious take on many common medical situations. Back by popular demand, we have Veronica Hernandez! Veronica: Hello again, guys! Don’t have time to read this post? Watch the video […]

Can New Year’s health resolutions help your endometriosis? Natural remedies

home-remedies for Endometriosis - Dr. Rich

This week, we’re going to talk about natural period pain remedies. These are topics that have become really popular on YouTube recently — specifically diet and exercise regimens to prevent endometriosis. Now, there’s a lot of information on YouTube right now — some of it good, some of it not so good. We’re going to […]

Don’t lie to me, Anesthesia! A parody sketch of the operating room


Welcome back to the Doctor Rich channel. You’ve seen me do product reviews before — but you’ve never seen me review the “Anesthesia Lie Detector.” Check this out! Don’t have time to read this post? Watch the video here instead! [Video opens with Doctor Rich introducing himself to the anesthesiologist in the operating room. Anesthesiologist […]

Robotics made all the difference: Michelle’s amazing hysterectomy recovery

Doctor Rich: Some people are afraid of having any surgery, but specifically hysterectomy. Maybe a family member had an open surgery and they were told that they were in bed for two months — or certainly not at work for a couple of months! What was your experience?  Don’t have time to read this post? […]