Real Doctor Reacts to Chicago Med | Drug Addiction During Pregnancy

Chicago Med - Reaction

Welcome back! I’m Doctor Rich. Today we’re going to react to a Chicago Med women’s health episode. The screenwriters are currently on strike — let’s see how accurate they are.  Don’t have time to read this post? Watch the video here instead! [In the video, a woman named Leanne has just given birth in the […]

Doctor Rich Reacts to TLC Shorts

Who doesn’t love (T)he (L)earning (C)hannel? Today my team has put together a bunch of TLC videos about weird addictions that we’re going to react to! Don’t have time to read this post? Watch the video here instead! [Video begins with a woman pouring gas into a cup.] Shannon: My name is Shannon. I am […]

A Day in the Life… If I Were An Anesthesiologist

If you’ve been around the channel for long, you’ve probably seen what happens in a day of my crazy life as a surgeon. But how would my day look if I’d chosen a different medical specialty? We’ve joked (a lot) about the friendly rivalry between surgeons and anesthesiologists. Today, I’m imagining what my life *might* […]

What TV medical dramas get WRONG about robotic surgery

What TV medical dramas get WRONG about robotic surgery

Hi! Are you tired of getting #$%**@ advice from random people on social media about health issues? Well, the doctors of YouTube are here to help! I’m Doctor Rich — and our channel is here to provide evidence-based information about women’s health and many other issues. Has Hollywood gotten surgical robotics right or wrong? Let’s […]

Is ChatGPT Ready to Replace Doctors?

Asking ChatGPT medical dating advice

I want to thank all of our subscribers for supporting our channel! If you’re new to the channel, go ahead and take a second, smash that subscribe button so you can see all of our super cool content. Now let’s see if ChatGPT is useful for medical advice out in the real world in an […]

HPV & Cervical Cancer: What You Need to Know

HPV cancer

Vaccination.  Even the word makes some people cringe. There have been few more divisive topics in the last three years than vaccination, but did you know that there’s a vaccine that can prevent cancer?  Don’t have time to read this post? Watch the video here instead! Now I use the word divisive and not controversial […]

Real Surgeon Reacts to Michael Reeves’s “I Built a Surgery Robot”

World-renowned robotic surgeon reacts to DIY surgery robot

Hi, I’m Doctor Rich, world-renowned robotic surgeon. Can a twenty-year-old make a surgical robot in his house during Covid? I don’t think so. Let’s check out Michael Reeves’s video.  Don’t have time to read this post? Watch the video here instead! [In the video, Michael Reeves scrolls through a list of videos. He begins watching […]

Vaginal Health Products That DON’T Work

Vaginal Products that dont work

Welcome back! On our channel, you’ve seen me review many surgical treatments, therapies, and medications that can improve your health and quality of life. But what about all of these OTHER products out there? They’re not FDA-approved… You can buy them on Amazon… Don’t worry — we’re on your side! Today I’m going to review […]

Vaginitis: What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You

For Vaginitis

If you’ve seen our TikTok video on ureaplasma and mycoplasma (and judging from the video’s 10.9K views, most of you have!), there have been a lot of questions about the specific vaginal infection.  What is it?  When do we test for it? How is it treated, and what symptoms does it cause?  Don’t have time […]

Happy International Women’s Day! A Shoutout to the Women Who’ve Shaped Me

International Women's Day

Welcome back to the Doctor Rich Channel. Congratulations are in order — we recently reached 7,500 subscribers and over a million views! And I just wanted to record this short video to acknowledge and show my appreciation for all of my female mentors that have helped me to become the surgeon, educator, and YouTuber that […]